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Music Trip with Izzy 2.2

The Weekend Riot

Oh yes! It’s another episode of  WEEKEND RIOT!

It’s another Saturday night and your favorite gang is back to give you a rundown of the latest and the hottest topics! See you tonight @10 o’ clock.

Randomites, send in your questions, reactions, and suggestions via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or send it via E-mail. Be sure to include your name so that they can greet you LIVE On-Air!


1) Install Skype on your desktop or personal computer and make sure the call-in feature is enabled.
2) Log on to your account on blog talk radio 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled cast.
3) The Skype icon would appear right beside the Dial-in number and right after the host has logged in. Click on the Skype icon and follow the instructions.

Music Trip with Izzy 2.1

Music Trip with IZZY 2.0

Music Trip with Izzy 1.9

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